EarthQuaker Devices

Earthquaker Devices makes some of the most unique and creative effects pedals on the market. Guitar players everywhere are catching on to this new and growing company. Mason Music is the only local dealer for the Acron, Ohio-based company. We have them set up and ready to test drive at our Mountain Brook Store, so please swing by and make some noise. Check out all the EarthQuaker Devices Pedals we keep in stock. Don’t see something you want? Let us know!

EarthQuaker Pedals we currently stock at Mason Music in Birmingham, AL:

Arpanoid Arrows Avalanche Run Dirt Transmitter Disaster Transport Dispatch Master Dunes Gray Channel Grand Orbiter Fuzz Master General Hummingbird V3 Organizer Rainbow Machine Sea Machine V2 Space Spiral Spatial Delivery Speaker Cranker V2 Spires Tentacle Transmisser


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