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Mason Music: FAQ’s

The Answers To Your Top 12 Questions …

Do you teach private or group lessons at Mason Music?
We focus primarily on private weekly lessons, which are one-on-one lessons between a student and teacher. We do offer some pair lesson options (two students and one teacher), depending on the instrument and the age of the students. We also offer group lessons, or classes, throughout the year, on specific subjects. Past group classes have included American Idol Audition Techniques, Taylor Swift Vocal Performance, Led Zeppelin Guitar Group and Blues Jams Sessions.

How much are lessons?
Pricing varies based on the length of the lesson and the type of lesson (group, private, pair, etc). We suggest chatting with our studio about your specific interests and we’ll be glad to make a recommendation for what might best meet your needs.

How much is your registration fee?
Mason Music does not charge a registration fee for lessons!

When are lessons?DSC_0875
A majority of our lessons are taught between the hours of 3:00-8:00 PM, Monday through Friday, but schedule availability varies depending on the studio and the teacher. We work to find a day and time that fits best in your schedule and that matches you with a teacher who will help you meet your specific goals. We do offer daytime slots for adults and homeschool students as well as Saturday spots at our Cahaba Heights and Mountain Brook studios for students who have a busy schedule during the week.

How old does my child have to be to take lessons?
Most children are ready for private lessons by the age of 7, but every child is different. Our recommendation on whether a child is ready for music lessons primarily depends on their maturity level and ability to focus and practice, rather than on their age. In general, we often encourage parents to enroll children under 6 in our Munchkin Music preschool program to teach them the foundational elements of music and to prepare them for private lessons.

Do I have to sign a contract?
Nope! We offer a month-to-month option so you have the freedom to start and stop lessons whenever you need to. We also have 6-month and 12-month contracts available for students who are looking for a long-term commitment with more flexibility for make up lessons and reduced rates.

Are lessons year-round?
They sure are! We believe that consistency is key when it comes to taking lessons, and times like summer break can be some of the most productive and fun months for a musician. With less school work and more time to play music, younger students can progress further, faster during the summer. Another benefit of staying in lessons year-round is that you get to keep your preferred lesson time and teacher.

Is there a recital for students?
We have a spring and winter recital each year, usually in May and December. Students are not required to participate but are highly encouraged to sign up. There is a $25 fee to cover the cost of the venue, staffing and refreshments. Details about our recitals, like what to wear and where to go, can be found here.

What instrument is best for my child?
Will Mason actually offers some great advice on choosing an instrument for your child, but our general rule is that piano is a great introductory instrument, especially for younger children who do not have a strong preference to any one instrument. We also offer Beginner Camps throughout the year for students who want to get a taste of all the instruments we teach at our studios (piano, guitar, voice, violin and drums) before deciding what lessons to take.

Do I have to have an instrument to start?
Just like prepping for going to work or school, there are items that you or your child will need in order to have the best chance at a successful lesson experience. Our studios are equipped with many of the materials you’ll need as a beginner student, like music books, drumsticks, tuners or guitar strings. We also carry a variety of beginner and intermediate instruments like Casio Keyboards, Ludwig Drum Kits, Orange Amps and Alvarez guitars and ukuleles at very affordable prices. Visit our studios to check them out in person.

What kind of guitar do I need?
If you are starting guitar lessons and have a guitar at home that you want to use, make sure you bring it to your first lesson so your teacher can make sure it’s in good condition (example: fits your body, stays in tune and the strings are in good shape). If you don’t have a guitar or are looking to upgrade your instrument for lessons, Mason Music offers a variety of beginner acoustic guitars by Alvarez. We also have some great guitar tips in our blog for beginner guitar students.

Do you have teacher bios available?
Our receptionists will be happy to provide you with information about our (background-checked) teachers during the booking process. Just ask!

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