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Music lessons are the central thing we do here at Mason Music. It’s what matters the most to us. We work hard to find the best, most qualified, passionate teachers for each of the instruments we offer; piano, guitar, voice, violin and drums. All of our teachers and staff are background-checked and professionally trained, offering our students an experience worth talking about! We believe that creating a safe, fun and mentoring relationship is essential to the learning process so our studio teams will do their best to match you or your child with a teacher who can complement your individual personality and learning style. We teach guitar lessons, piano lessons, voice lessons, drum lessons, and violin lessons to people of all ages and skill levels, beginner to expert.

If you’re a parent and not sure what instrument your child should start with for lessons, we offer some guidance in our music blog.

If you are interested in signing up for in-studio music lessons, please select the location that is most convenient for you here and we will connect with you to find out more about your needs and match you with a time and teacher that works best for you.

If you live outside of Birmingham or would prefer to take lessons from the comfort of your own home, we now offer online music lessons!

Music Lessons
Piano Lessons Birmingham AL


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As one of our most popular instruments, the piano is a perfect choice for anyone at almost any age. Our main goal at Mason Music is to make music fun; that means piano lessons with us are unlike anywhere else around. We know you want to learn how to play the songs that you love listening to. We also know that learning how to play chords and songs by ear unlocks the potential for a student to have a lifetime of enjoyment with the instrument. At our studios, you’ll learn the fundamentals of music while also being exposed to wide varieties of techniques and music genres. All of our piano teachers are exceptionally trained and have their own unique teaching styles and personalities. Whether you are interested in learning to play by ear, or in becoming the next classical prodigy, we work hard to create an environment that will inspire growth and creativity. Be sure to check out our Casio Keyboards if you need an instrument to practice on at home. We’re honored to be named the best place to take piano lessons in Birmingham!

Guitar Lessons Birmingham AL


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With many options for guitar lessons in Birmingham, Mason Music is consistently voted #1 by our customers. Our approach to guitar lessons creates a lesson plan that strikes a balance between three key elements: songs, technique and music theory. We know new students get inspired by quick results, so we begin by teaching students a song in their very first lesson! Our guitar teachers then set, track and celebrate goals as they are met so that students are constantly encouraged by the progress they are making. Our guitar teachers are qualified to teach most styles of guitar, and each one comes with their own specialty and personality. We will make every effort to match you with someone who will not only be your teacher but a mentor as well so that you can enjoy music as much as we do! Playing guitar is incredibly rewarding. If you are considering picking it up for the first time, read our blog post with tips for beginner guitar players to get you started!

Drum Lessons Birmingham AL


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At Mason Music, drum lessons not only include rocking out to the songs you love, they expand your knowledge and skills as a drummer. Our drum teachers focus lesson time on music theory and rudiments along with different styles and techniques crucial to becoming a well-rounded drummer. We work to make sure that you are placed with a teacher who will challenge and inspire you. That is why we carefully select real-life rock stars as our teachers. With them, music is sure to be a life-changing experience. For drum lessons in Birmingham, we’re your answer!

Voice Lessons Birmingham AL


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Whether you’re looking to become the next pop star, a professional actor, or a master at singing in the shower, you can benefit from taking private voice lessons. At Mason Music, students will learn to train their ear, expand their range and find their own unique tone. We offer training on how to properly use your voice to get the best sound and avoid injury. Every voice is different, so lessons are tailored to individual needs in order to develop the voice to its full potential. We understand that voice lessons can be scary, so we pair you with a teacher that you can really connect with. Our staff of professionally trained voice teachers is diverse and experienced so no goal is unreachable. For voice lessons in Birmingham, AL, we’ve got you covered!

Violin Lessons Birmingham AL


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As one of the most difficult instruments to learn, the violin can be intimidating. By combining both classical and contemporary training methods, Mason Music helps create an exciting and challenging environment that you can thrive in. You’ll learn how to play songs that are widely known and loved by reading sheet music and through ear training. We have a well-rounded staff of violin teachers who are highly-trained and active in the music world. Violin lessons in Birmingham, AL, just got a whole lot more fun!