Fall 2020 Rock Band League

Welcome to our second concert of Fall 2020 Rock Band League!

Here is today’s performance order:


Scrantonicity – Chadwick McDowell (Coach)
Band Members: Mose Stephens – Drums, James Stephens – Bass, Jay Pickett – Guitar, Johnny Stumpff – Vocals

MOXA – Kevin Smith (Coach)
Band Members: Marielle Bientos – Bass, Anna Lane Reynolds – Vocals, Oliver Lyons – Guitar, Xavier Perry – Drums

SS Revolution – Shayla Carter (Coach)
Band Members: Larkin Denson – Vocals, Jacob Moryoussef – Guitar, Alice Mason – Keys, Ryan Hamilton – Guitar, Mo Gard – Bass, Wade Spooner – Drums


Hot Wire – Ryon Barnes (Coach)
Band Members: Sam Stagner – Guitar, Tanner Hutson – Vocals, Jackson Herron – Guitar, Reid Ramsbacher – Drums

The Elderly – Chadwick McDowell (Coach)
Band Members: Brasley Zanaty – Guitar, John Evans – Bass, Livi Cate Osborne – Vocals, Ben Taylor – Drums, James Gregory – Guitar 

Ghost Trail Mix – Shayla Carter (Coach)
Band Members: Mya Waara – Guitar, Collier Clemmons – Drums, Conner Smith – Bass, Kaydence Hay – Vocals, Robert Dennis – Guitar

Traffic Jam – Kevin Smith (Coach)
Band Members: Thomas Miller – Guitar, Jackson Ruffino – Drums, Ethan Brown – Guitar, Jordan Mann – Bass


Special Thanks To Our Fall 2020 Rock Band League Sponsors

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Browning Trail Cameras

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Fall 2020 Venues:
Avondale Brewery