Recital Safety Protocol for COVID

We are dedicated to following all of the CDC guidelines as well as input from local health officials to make your recital experience as safe as possible. Here are the ways we are keeping you and our staff safe:

– Hand sanitizer will be backstage for performers to use before and after playing, at the greeter station upon entry to the facility and at the rear of auditorium for courtesy use.
– Microphones, cables and gear that will be shared among performers during the recital will be sanitized between uses.

Less physical contact:
– In the place of our usual printed programs, we will have digital programs for you to access on your mobile device.
– Recital certificates will be emailed to performers (instead of being handed to performers in person).
– In the place of our usual refreshments, we will be opting for individually wrapped goodie bags for our performers.

Face coverings:
Masks or face coverings are required for all attendees.

Temperature check for staff:
– All staff and student performers will have their temperature checked upon entering the building. If anyone in your family has symptoms, please do not attend the recital.
– Any staff members or students with a temperature above 99.4 will not be permitted to attend the event. We will refund your fee if you are sick the day of the recital.

Social distancing measures:
– The lobby will not be available for congregating before or after recital groups. You may step outside (weather permitting) to chat with friends and family.
– We will use a separate entrance and exit to manage the flow of attendees.
– Seating in the recital space will be in rows that are 6 feet apart. Family units may sit together, but please leave 6 feet between you and the next family unit.
– We are planning on live streaming the recital on our website for any family members or friends who would like to enjoy the performance from the comfort and safety of their home.

Virtual performances for vocalists:
Because singing is an activity categorized as high risk, vocalists will only be allowed to participate in the virtual recital on Saturday, May 8.

We believe these measures will ensure the safety of everyone at these events and allow us to have an incredible event celebrating all of the hard work and progress our amazing students have made this year. Your cooperation will help us to make this event meaningful and memorable. Thank you!