Recording Studio

Mason Music’s Recording Studio

is one of the hidden gems in Birmingham. Whether you’re a music superstar or an aspiring musician looking to record your first song, our Recording Studio has everything you need to make the kind of music you want. Run by trustworthy, seasoned producers and engineers using top-of-the-line gear, our Recording Studio can help send you on your way to reaching your recording goals. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to see who is in the studio and what we are up to.

Designed by a Nashville-based studio designer, the Mason Music Recording Studio contains a mixing room, a tracking room, a vocal booth and an iso booth for amps. Though this studio is located in a home, it was constructed from the ground up with noise isolation and acoustic treatments as a priority. New gear is constantly popping up at the studio since much of the revenue generated from the studio is reinvested to continually improve its quality and capabilities.

Our producers are well connected in the Birmingham music scene and have the best session players on call for whatever needs you may have. We work with a wide range of genres, but specialize in rock, pop, alt-rock, singer-songwriter and country. In addition to engineering and producing, we can write, co-write and arrange music for our artists. Scroll down for artist lists, equipment lists and rates or Contact Us for more information.

If you are interested in booking a session, please fill out this form so we can learn more about how we can help you. We will put together a free estimate for your project based on the information you provide. *Estimates for larger projects may change depending on the pace of the project, changes that are made along the way, etc. We will do our best to provide an honest and fair estimate so you know what to expect, and will communicate along the way if things change.

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  • Matthew Mayfield - "[Will Mason] understands the ins and outs of making a song an experience. Dynamics and variety are so important and Will never fails to bring more than enough ideas to the table to help make each tune shine. He's dedicated to the art of it all, and at the end of the day—that's the kind of person I need with me in the recording studio."


  • Sarah Simmons - “They have great equipment, but more importantly, they take great care in everything they do…the environment is warm, inspiring and a safe place! They help you get to where your heart wants to be with your sound. Definitely check it out!”


    • Hear Sarah's New Freedom Album  ("Freedom," "War In My Mind," "Staring at the Sun" and "One More Day," co-written with Will Mason and produced at the Mason Music Recording Studio. "Bridges" also engineered, produced and mixed at the Mason Music Recording Studio.)
    • See the new release of "Honey I'm Fine," produced and mixed at Mason Music Recording Studio
  • Corey Nolen (Following the Song) - "When I decided to record my last EP "Following The Song," my producer and I decided to record the initial tracks of the project live. The Mason Music Recording Studio proved to be a great option for this. It was large enough with its isolation rooms to single out instruments/vocals as needed but intimate enough for us to feel like we were working on the songs in the same space. The result was a project that I'm very proud of. We got a great sound and because of how we were able to track, we found the character we were looking for with a live studio recording."

  • Matt Sanderlin (Parishop) - "Working in the Mason Music Recording Studio is truly like recording at home, away from home. The creative chemistry with the space is just immediate. Brad Lyons is one of the most versatile producers I've worked with, and his ability to craft and layer sounds is limitless. My favorite studio in town."



Large Diaphragm Condenser Mics: 
2 AKG C414 XLII (matched pair)
1 Rode NT1-A with Michael Joly U87 Mod

Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics: 
2 Studio Projects C4s
1 MXL 603

Dynamic Mics:
2 Sennheiser 421s
1 Shure SM7B
3 SM57s
1 ATM25

Ribbon Microphones: 
3 Nady RSM-4 “fat-heads”

API 3124+ (4 channels)
Universal Audio 4-710d (4 channels)
Presonus Eureka Channel Strip
FMR RNP (2 channels)

Electric Guitars:
Gibson Angus Young SG (w/ Tremelo)
Gibson Les Paul Standard
Fender American “fat” Telecaster
Gretsch 5120 Electromatic Hollowbody

Sam Amp V.A.C. 45 (the original)

Acoustic Guitars:
1973 Gibson Gospel
2001 Charles Fox SJ-Napa
Martin DM


Midi Controller available with sound banks in Protools and Reason

other gear

Pro Tools 10
Reason 6
Waves Mercury Bundle Plugins
Steven Slate Trigger
Steven Slate Bundle (VMR, VTM, VCC, VBC, FG-X)
Didgidesign 003 Factory
Apple iMac i7 12 GB RAM w/ 2 17″ displays
Soundtoys Bundle

Studio monitors:
Adam A7x Monitors

Effects Pedals:
Ibanez TS-9 Tubescreamer (modded)
Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
Dunlop 535Q Wah Pedal
Digitech Whammy Pedal
Boss TR-2 Tremelo
Line 6 DL-4 Delay
Boss DD-5 Delay
Boss FS-5U tap tempo
Boss RV-5 Reverb
Whirlwind A/B/Y box
our rates

Recording Studio sessions can be billed a number of different ways.
Each project is different, so be sure to contact us for a quote specific to your needs.

Per Hour (with engineer): $80 (2 hour minimum)
Per Day (with engineer): $500 (8 hours)
Per Day (provide your own engineer): $250 (8 hours)