Mason Music Safety Guidelines


Staff/Customer Health Screenings:
Every staff member and customer will be screened each day with a contactless thermometer and a list of health questions that were created based on CDC guidelines. If a temperature scan returns 99.6°F – 100.4°F, the individual will be asked to rest for 3 minutes and then will be re-checked. If the second scan shows 99.6°F or higher still, the individual will be sent home. 

Mask/Shield Policy:
Every staff member and student will wear either a mask or a face shield while in the building.

Temporary Lobby Closure:
We are not currently allowing anyone to wait in our lobbies. This is for your safety. Please drop off your student when it is time for their lesson to start, and pick them up when it is over.

Sanitization Routines:
Every surface that is shared will be disinfected in between uses. This includes instruments, door knobs, bathroom fixtures, and office equipment.

We’ll also be shutting off water fountains and suspending our complimentary tea and coffee at this time. If you miss our coffee, be sure to support our provider, Sealed Coffee.

Air Purification:
Mason Music uses HEPA filters in all of our HVAC systems. HEPA is rated to filter out particles as small as .01 microns (the Coronavirus measures approximately .125 microns in diameter). With recent research emerging that there is a possibility the Coronavirus can be transmitted on aerosols, we are committed to mitigating the risk of airborne transmission through HVAC airflow. We will set our units for the fan to circulate air continuously during lesson hours and over the weekend. We will also change our filters with greater frequency during the outbreak. 

Curbside Pickup/No Cash Payments:
If you are looking for retail, we will be offering curbside pickup and will only be accepting credit or debit card payments for retail purchases. As always, our regular lesson payments will be taken online through TeacherZone.

What If Someone Gets COVID-19?
If a staff member or student tests positive after being in a Mason Music studio, we are making a promise that we will be transparent and communicate with all staff and customers who may have been in close contact with that person. The studio will also receive a deep clean and, if it is a staff member who tests positive, we will require the staff member to stay home until they are symptom-free for 10 days or provide a negative test result to Mason Music.

Online Lessons Continue:
We understand there are some people who are uncomfortable returning to public spaces right now. Because of this, we will continue to offer online lessons as an option.

Questions? Email us!